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 This is a picture of The Old 8th Street Baptist Church.
Below is a video of the 120th Anniversary which in now called the Resurrection Center.

 The Resurrection Center

This is the One Hundred and Twentieth Anniversary of The Resurrection Center.  Through the years it has had other names and its share of troubles.  It started as a seed planted by God with Rev Henry clay Jones and became a Sunday school then a Mission at 9th and Union Streets in Wilmington, Delaware.  Finally it moved to Eight Street and became known as the Eighth Street Baptist Church.

On one occasion after a fire at the Church a Priest from St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church Reverend Roberto O. Balducci, let Eighth Street Baptist Church hold service at one of their buildings.  Throughout the years while growing to what it is today Eighth Street Baptist Church has seen great strides in fellowship and showing Catholics and Baptists working together to benefit the community jointly.  Among the different Congregations Dr. Christopher A. Bullock, founder and Pastor of Canaan Baptist Church, Senior Pastor S. Todd Townsend Sr. Ph,D. of the Resurrection Center and the Reverend Roberto O. Balducelli of St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church all worked together and make fellowship for everyone to join in and not separate the two faiths but unite as one..

St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church

 The Resurrection Center

Canaan Baptist Church

Below is a brief history of The Resurrection Center (previously referred to at the Eighth Street Baptist Church.  Taken from a pamphlet dated March 18, 2012
On March 10, 1892 God planted a song in the heart of Rev Heny clay Jones and was led by God to organize a Sunday school at the home of J.E. Dorrell of Silverbrook, Delaware.

There the Whole notes quarter notes and half notes came together and formed a melody which became a mission and in 1893 the mission moved from 9th and Union Streets to Eight Street.  The melodies joined with harmonies and in 1894 became a song called Eighth Street Baptist Church.  Seventeen years later on July 3, 1911 the cornerstone was laid.

The songs know as Eighth Street Baptist Church continued to be sung even after the death of Reverend Jones in 1928.   God would recruit new singers to lead this song.  The song was led in 1925, by Rev. Harold Chapman, 1930, by Rev. William Price, 1940, Rev. Arnold Gregory, 1946, Rev. Hilton James, 1948, Rev. James Leonard Morgan, 1966, Rev. Arthur R. James, and in 1967 Rev. Reginald Andrew Mercer. The song known as Eighth Street Baptist Church flourished and the beautiful melodic notes that rang in the ears of its members, suddenly, ceased in 1975 by a devastating fire that destroyed the Church's fellowship hall and basement.

In 1976 construction began and on Palm Sunday, April 3, 1977, the people marched back into the Sanctuary, and the song known as Eighth Street Baptist Church grew into a song of resurrection, faith, and praise. It rang aloud, not only in the ears of its members but in the ears of the community.

 In 1979 the Prison Ministry was added; 1983 the food closet opened; and in 1986 Golden Heritage gained life membership in the NAACP.   In 1989 Rev. Mercer's voice would transition in to the heavenly choir and Rev. Samuel Pinkston would continue leading our song.  Oh that song!  That song grew so strong and so powerful that God would call another voice to lead his song, 1990 he called Rev Christopher A. Bullock.

On his new land God would call new voices to lead his song: on February 21, 1999 Rev. Roy L Thompson, on December 16, 1999 the Rev Stacey Todd Townsend Sr., of Second Antioch Baptist Church would accept the Lord's call to lead the song know as Eighth Street Baptist Church.

In 2005 the Lord would add new beats, melodies, and harmonies, reworked the revised, and remixed, the song originally now as Eighth Street Became the Resurrection Center.  In this new version, a pastor would become a bishop; a first lady would become a Pastor.  A Church would become a fellowship.  Debts would be paid and voices would ring out in new territory.

 The Lady in Red with the microphone is Bessie Evens, Chris Coleman's sister.  You can see what Chris has become after getting his life together under Success Stories at the bottom of the page.  He has done great things and become a well respected man in the community.

 Dr. S. Todd Townsend and his wife Dr. Cleo Vilina Townsend are the Pastors at the Resurrection Center Now.

Five (5) people started the Canaan Baptist Church. As the Church grew in size they had to find a larger building to accommodate everyone. The congregation left Ursuline Academy to a new location where their new Church was built at New Castle Avenue in New Castle Delaware. Where they reside to this day.

Ursuline Academy and Canaan Baptist Church working together.

The Ursuline Academy Campus - Administrative Office
President Jim Keegan - till July 2005 - Phone: 658-7158

Canaan Baptist Sunday Worship Service 10:30am on March 2005

In March of 2003 God convened 13 Core Planters, who had a dream and passion to start a new venture of 
faith called the Canaan Baptist Church of Wilmington. Canaan Baptist Church needed a place to hold Sunday Service and Ursuline Academy agreed to let us use their gym. We had Sunday Services at a school and other places but we outgrew them. Now we want to thank Ursuline Academy for opening up their gym so we could have service there. We soon outgrew the gym so they allowed us to use the Performing Arts Center to hold our Sunday Service.

By Black and White working together it has allowed us to grow and we now have two services at Canaan Baptist Church and it looks like we will have a third service added to the 8:00am and 11:00am services we currently have.

We left Ursuline Academy to go to a new location at New Castle Avenue in New Castle.  Dr. Christopher Alan Bullock is a senior pastor of the Canaan Baptist Church at that location.  Their website is:

The multi picture one the right is the 2nd anniversary of Canaan Baptist Church. We want to thank Foster Friess for coming to the Ursuline Gym and and participating with us on that day. Foster Freeze is the man standing at the podium speaking highly of Pastor Bullock. His website is: