This is a picture of the Wilmington Hospital under renovation.  It is in desperate need of volunteers.  It is expected to be completed in 2012.

Lily Tanverdi
Volunteer & Student Administration
501 W. 14th Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19899
Ph: (302) 428.2206
Fax: (302) 428.6895. 

Christiana Hospital Web Site:

Francis Thornton (Pops)
He is a 93 year old man who is in my Program

at 914 E. 7th Street.
Pops came to the Harriet Tubman Safe House and stayed for about six (6) months, then he became ill and had to go to the Christiana Hospital to be treated.

 Here he is moving trash cans so they will be in place to be picked up.

Here he is conducting his business on the phone from Harriet Tubman Safe House

Grandma Praying for Francis Thornton.mp3

Pops was initially sent to the Wilmington Hospital because of chest pains.  They put a balloon inside of him to check his condition then a week later he was transferred to Christians Hospital.  On April 8, 2016 I came in to see Pops and took this video of him then on April 9, 2016, I came in to see Pops and he had passed away the night before and now he went on to be with the lord.  That was the last day that I saw Pops alive.  I am going to mis him asking Earl do you got any cigarettes?

This is the slip they gave to me showing his location at Christiana Hospital.

Christiana Hospital website

Below are Christine Word (formally Waller) on left with a Teddy Bear when she was living in Delaware about ten (10) years ago.  Next to her is Emma Patrick and Cardellia Waller also with Teddy Bears.  I would pick them up in Wilmington and take them down to Newark or wherever they wanted to go.  Emma Patrick is Christine Word’s sister she was a Waller as well. The Teddy Bears would come from the Goodwill because they knew what I did in the community.  I also volunteered at Goodwill back in those days. 

Goodwill website

Earl was a Volunteer at the Goodwill back then below is the badge he used. 

 When the Wilmington Hospital wants someone show guidance and love to a patient who is in the hospital they call Earl and he goes in a few times a week to see that person and tries to make a difference in their life.

Mr. Wilson

 I'm Earl Wallace Woodlen Jr., and I have over 3000 hours of volunteering at the Wilmington Hospital because all lives matter.

This is what I found about all lives matter.  I studied on it for a while and my take on it is when you are on a machine to help keep you alive even though you might have not insurance to cover it, as long as you want to stay alive the Hospital knowing that they may never get paid, will still keep you on it as long as you want to be around. 

I am committed to help people until the day I die.  I can be reached at 757-513-8585 if anyone needs my services.

Wilmington Hospital website

This sister and brother duo, Fur Hannah and Daw'ud, run their own business and I just happened to run into them at 9th and Kirkwood Street while they were doing some community outreach. They were out there giving  food, snacks, beverages-whatever they had available to give to the needy.  They also helped me out in 1995 at the Million Man March.  Out of the one (1) million people who attended, my picture was the only one who was from Delaware that was seen at the "Final Call" a Muslim publication.

I am just a regular guy and they had no problem helping me.  My name is Earl Wallace Woodlen, Jr.  I think we should thank the Muslims for the work they are doing in the community, especially with how they are being treated or looked upon in a negative way.

Pastor Dr. Beaman from Bethyl AME at 6th and Walnut Street in Wilmington, preached one day how you have to be in a race to expect to win it.  Even Muslims that do things differently than others, their way has as much chance to win a race as long as they are in the race.  You have to be in it to win it.

The Muslim greeting, "as sala'amu alaikum"  (peace be upon you)
A Reply to the greeting, "walaikum as sala'am" (and unto you also, peace)

The Muslim Mosque  -- Masjid Kauthar

This is one of the Familes we help.  We need your donations to continue to support them. 

Anthony Casale
303 7th Avenue
Wilmington, Delaware 19805
Ph: 302.428.1301
Fax: 302.225.6090

He is one of the sponsors of Our Youth Inc. in memory of
Dr. Al O. Plant's Lifetime Achievements Award.

I feel that Mr. Casale should be recognized for making peoples dreams come true.

Mr. Casale is the General Contractor for The Mother Teressa House for Women and Children.

This is the kind of work Casale construction does and should be given an award.

I am a volunteer at the Ministry of Caring they will help anyone.

 This is one of the projects Casale Construction is doing working with the Ministry of Caring here in Wilmington.

Martin Jackson  is standing in front of the renovated Ministry of Caring Building.  Mr. Jackson is from the Dunlieth community and is a participant of their Program.

These four gentlemen are the Harriet Tubman Safe House Clean up Crew.  They are handicapped and come from an organization that comes into the community and clean up whatever is needed.  They are special people so much so that we gave them an award for the good job they are doing.  Whenever they come around we give them candy.

Above and left are are pictures of Harriet Tubman Safe House networking with the Sunday Breakfast Mission delivering crates of pears & supplies to the Victory Church to help feed the people.

 Above the Reverend Floyd Wheeler of the Sunday Breakfast Mission, was giving the Word on a Sunday morning when the air conditioner in the building quit working. Everyone picked up a chair and went outside to hold class. A little hot air was not going to stop him from preaching the Word.  Bishop Austin Ford is located at the Sunday Breakfast Mission as well and they hold Sermons Monday through Sunday starting at 7:30 to 8:00 am in the morning.  For more about the Sunday 
Breakfast Mission and what they are doing for the community at their website listed below:

Outreach to the Community 

Sunday Breakfast Mission 

I delivered Ice Cream to the top organizations in the city.  I do outreach for the Sunday Breakfast Mission and that is what led me to distribute to these other organizations.

Each organization received over 400 Blue Bunny Ice Cream bars, one of the best brands around.

The Sunday Breakfast Mission gives the merchandise to Earl and he in turn hands it out to the other organizations who pass it along to the community and not keep it for themselves.

 Catholic Charities


 Hogar Care

 Ministry of caring

 Salvation Army


 Feeding and Clothing the people of Wilmington.

Every fifth Sunday Jack Body of Action Employment comes to the Metalworking Machinery parking lot and feeds and clothes over 150 people. There is a lot of good stuff going here in Delaware. Wouldn't you want to be a part of it? They provide cold water and sodas to keep everyone refreshed while they wait in line.

Africa Donations

Thomas Unisa Koroma is our Representative for Africa
Thomas hails from Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa.   He is the man we
sponsor for sending supplies to help Africans

Harriet Tubman Safe House donates supplies we gather for him to have Reverend Hozia Thomas of the United Methodist Church oversee that they get to their destination in Africa. They could use all the help they can get. If you are inclined to make a donation to help fight Hunger in African please send all donations to: 
Thomas Korma
38 Bendleton court
New Castle, Delaware 19720

Outreach to India from Wilmington Delaware

2302 Carter Street

Mr Martin is sending Plantains among other things to Jamaica for his family in the picture above right.  He does this on a regular basis

I would also like to thank the Sunday Breakfast Mission for their donation to Martin's endeavor of sending supplies back to Jamaica for his family.

 This is Mr. Martin the plumber for 2302 Carter Street picture top left.  He volunteers his skills for the work to be done.  All the plumbing and heating work he does FREE of charge.  I Only have to pay for the supplies.  Mr. Martin his been my plumber for over 30 years and I want to thank him for all he has done for me over the years.  My name is Earl Woodlen Jr.

 Dog Lady's Deli at 8th and Spruce

This Lady who somehow picked up the moniker of Dog Lady was known to have the best fish and fresh hamburgers in Wilmington, because she made them when you ordered them every day from scratch. She was also know for the best homemade Subs in town. She cut the tomatoes, onions and pickles when you placed your order she had nothing in jars or cans. Everything she served was made right there in front of you. The Restaurant was located at 8th and Spruce Streets in Wilmington, Delaware. We all miss her since she closed shop and then went on to be with the lord.

 This is a picture of her when she was young girl.


Back in the late 50's Lottie (Mom) Ewing opened the Knotty Pint Restaurant to accommodate the  
African American population since at that time segregation was still in full effect and was 
strictly enforced. People of color deserved to have a nice place to eat and a nice atmosphere 
while they ate. Because at that time people of color were not allowed at any establishments in 
the heart of downtown Wilmington or any other place in Delaware for that matter.

Lottie decided to do something about it as best she could. It became so prominent and she opened 
the Knotty Pine Restaurant which featured such good down home cooking with a friendly atmosphere her restaurant became very popular with residents and visitors alike. From time to time many of her patrons were prominent entertainers such as Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, and Lena Horne. 

In 1961 the Wilmington City Council adopted an ordinance prohibiting refusal of service due to 
race or religion. By 1963 with the approval of the Public Accommodations Act by the State 
Legislature the era of legally segregated public places in Delaware was over.

Mr. Snow's Deli Store in Southbridge

 Mr. Snow was in business in the early 50's and was famous for his homemade hamburgers, subs and stakes. He also, had a variety of cold sodas over in the South Bridge area of Wilmington.   
Everyone knew his name and his Deli Store. He lasted in business for over thirty (30) years before retiring.

Earl Woodlen used to be a whole-seller of cars and a flipper of houses. My insurance cost me $5,000 dollars a year for whole-selling. I lost over $5,000 dollars by buying cars. So I lost $10,000 dollars a year for ten (10) years along with the houses that I sold. Everything worked out though but, my grandma just died and I had no money. So I had to try something different. I then started volunteering at the Wilmington Hospital. I went in like it was a full time job because I did not have anything to do.  Now you can see how I got rewarded for it. I have a Re-Entry Program helping anyone who is homeless or needs help in any way.  You're reading about it now.

  In 2003 or 2004 I forget exactly but one day back then I walked into Mrs. Lilly's office to be a  volunteer for the Wilmington Hospital. I gave her the paperwork for being a volunteer when my cell phone rang. It was my Mother, she called to tell me that my Grandmother had just died and to go and get your last look at her.

I thought about when a homeless boy in a wheelchair a week or so ago saw that my Grandmother was dying  or at least thought so (she was in a multiple patience room) and he rolled over to a nurse and I do not know what he said to her but the next day my grandmother was in a private room. It may not even have anything to do with the homeless boy but everybody has power so don't leave them out.

 Wilmington Hospital did a story on Earl's volunteering at the hospital.  Earl has over 3000 hours in volunteering at the Hospital. doing hours since 2003 Earl was born at the Wilmington Hospital in 1956 on the 6th floor the same floor that the nursery was at.

Oliver's Turkey Drive

This was Oliver Norman's T
urkey Drive. Participants included Oliver, Senator Coons and other Politicians and Earl Woodlen, Jr.

Oliver Norman's Site

Ms. Lilly's Retirement from the City of Wilmington

 I would like to thank you Mrs. Lilly for helping me get started with what I do. When I told her I  wanted to start a non-profit organization and asked if she would help me and even though she said Earl we can't do that. I said Mrs Lilly we can do it if you help me. We put in the paperwork and I was told that they needed more information. Ms. Lilly said again the we can't do it and again I told her yes we can have faith. Well, we finally did it and provided the necessary information and I was granted a 501 (C3) certificate. A lot of lawyers wanted to charge me $5000 dollars to get this 501 (C3) accomplished but with Ms. Lilly's help we did it ourselves.  Ms. Lilly is the reason for my blowing up to what I am to day.

Mrs. Lilly you are the one who helped to me to blow up so that I can do what I do today, Help people.   Allowing me to have a Re-entry Program for the people who need it the most. I want to thank you so I am giving you flowers now while you can appreciate them. 

When I first started volunteering at the Wilmington Hospital she was Miss Disabation and now she is Mrs. Tanverdi.

David Scott just got out after 25 years and is in Church with me with Pastor Beaman at Bethel AME Church.

We started at 6:30am in the basement at Bethel with Reverend Keith Johnson. They also feed the homeless in the basement there.

Then at 8:00 we went upstairs to Pastor Beaman and left at 9:30 to go to Canaan Baptist Church for Sunday School and Service and were done around 1:30pm.

That is Thomas Wynn in the back on the right hand side corner who is a member of Bethel Church

The other two guys are in the Harriet Tubman Safe House program