People Who Support Us

My name is Earl Wallace Woodlen, Jr. and I am a civil rights fighter for the people who cannot fight for themselves.  They have fell down and we are going to bring them back up.
I was in Washing DC and my sisters prayed for me in this journey that I am on as a civil rights fighter let me make one thing clear if you want to HURT people we are in WAR.
If you want to HELP people we are on the SAME TEAM.
This has nothing to do with color I do not care what color you are it’s about good people having to fight the bad people again color has nothing to do with it.  God loves everybody.  Those are my sister praying for me.
Below are pictures of my Gang, the people who support us and contribute to help us fight injustice in the world.  They are from all different nationalities. 

The Women who Prayed for Earl there in Washington DC.

Earl right after the Praying was completed.

People in the Community Out and About having a good time getting things done and just relaxing.
Below is a video of one of our supporters who starts his day off doing push ups to keep in shape and stay Healthy,

Below are Gift Cards our Supporters have sent to help us continue work in the community and assist those who need our help the most.  We appreciate the support and thank each and everyone who took the time to Donate.  Because of you we can do what we do.  Any amount no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated.

We are a 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Corporation 
Our Tax ID Number is  86-1085252 
You can write off your Donations at Tax Time

This is a donation from Canaan Baptist Church.
Dr. Bullock, my pastor, likes the work I do with my re-entry program and made a generous donation to the
Harriet Tubman Safe House.

This is a donation from Reverend Daniels who is affiliated with Canaan Baptist Church.
Reverend Daniels runs a Re-entry Program for Drug and Alcohol Treatment.  He made two generous donations to the
Harriet Tubman Safe House.