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 My name is Earl Wallace Woodlen, Jr. and this is how it goes down these days from overseas to the good old USA.

The type of work we do for the inmates. 

Harriet Tubman Safe House CEO,
 Earl W. Woodlen, Jr.

These are the kind of guys I like to try and help turn their life around.

Earl Wallace Woodlen Jr., is an ex-drug addict and drug dealer and currently the CEO of The Harriet Tubman Safe House.  He gives acknowledgement to thank all the white, black and other nationalities of police officers in Norfolk, Virginia and Wilmington, Delaware that scared him straight.  Also the State Police of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.  He ran through all these states with his dirt.

He mostly was under the Sheriff Department of New Castle County Delaware with his mischief.

Sheriff Department of New Castle County Delaware





New York

New Jersey



Federal Bureau of Investigation

Central Intelligence Agency

Homeland Security

Secret service website

Coast guard website



Mr. Woodlen is a volunteer at the Wilmington Hospital, Christiana Care Facility and has over 3,000 hours of service.
Mr. Woodlen says the best thing that happened to him that was back in 1968 he moved to Norfolk

Virginia at 406 W. 35th Street, Norfolk, Virginia and started again in a new environment.  He went from an all Black school to a town that had all different types of nationalities, if was an Navy town they bused kids from the Navy base.  The name of the school was J.B. Stewart 

If you are in the same situation I was in you can contact me and I will help you.
Drug Dealers, Drug Addicts and Street Walkers come on contact me I can help.

If you have a relative who has a drug problem contact me and I will get them in a FREE drug program.  All you have to do is have a phone and I will handle it from there.

A drug dealer has money cars and houses, you are a drug addict your selling drugs to support your habit you need to go to a treatment center so contact me.


 By providing individuals Treatment it saves the state (Taxpayers) $25,000 dollars each year by not having to house, feed and provide medical care and services to them.  It also helps to put the drug dealer out of business.  They are losing 200 to 300 dollars or more a week from each addict who now no longer uses.

Hey drug dealer. you can't win, there are cameras everywhere and everyone is working with the police.  Call me, I am a street counselor ex-drug addict and dealer who has been clean for over (20) twenty years.  Whatever you have left give it to someone or through it away and call me and come to Delaware if you are not already here I can help you. 

You can reach me at 1.757.513.8585.  You can find me on Facebook also. Just go to Facebook.com login and search for Earl Woodlen.  You can also contact me at my E-mail address  earljr1@comcast.net.

 We offer a Pen Pal Program for anyone doing Life.

Inmate Drug Use and Guns in Orleans Parish Prison Cell

 The Solid Rock Evangelistic Association
Tony Loeffler & Solid Rock

 Tony Loeffler - co Founder

To watch their Video of Church Behind Bars go to their site click on Church Behind Bars then click in the center of the Picture.

They are doing great things for the inmates in Florida, Texas and Montana.
Box 212938, West Beach, FL 33421-2938
Office: 561-784-5188
email:  SueCuccia@thesolidrock.org

 1687 Foundation

 Solid Rock Ministry partners with the 1687 Foundation for several books including Psalm 91, 31 Days of Praise, 31 Days of Prayer, and Karla Faye Tucker.
Their website is www.1687foundation.com
 and the books can be ordered online.  

Gift of Freedom Fund 

Another partner of Solid Rock Ministry Gift of Freedom and they help to provide Bibles it as many inmates as possible.  For the books and Bibles you can email Marilyn Gulliksen.  Her email is marilyn@solidrockadvisors.com.

If you do not have email capability you can write Marilyn Gulliksen at The Gift of Freedom Fund, P.O. Box Colorado, springs, Colorado 80962.

I would like to point out that Greg Rice is the author of 
Gift of Freedom.  He spent his time and devotion in creating something to enlighten individuals about his life experience.

Life on the Verge Ministry 

Life On The Verge Ministry
Mark and Suzan Mason
Life on the Verge
5564 Hatteras Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

Website: http://m44604.wix.com/lifeontheverge
Email: mark@lifeontheverge.com

To keep up with  things and reach as many people as possible they use technology so there is no reason why you cannot get in locate them to see what they are doing.

Blog: mylifeontheverge.com
Twitter: @lifeontheverge1
Facebook: facebook.com/lifeontheverge
Instragram: lifeontheverge

White House Website:  

I adopted Vice President Joe Biden as my White Daddy.
One night I was watching the news of Obama speaking and he mentioned that he appointed Mr. Biden to work with the non profits to help the people.  One example is the My brothers Keeper Program.
I am hoping to go to Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia, (the tidewater area) because there are a lot of opportunities there.  Reasonable housing and work is available as well.
If anyone has a house to donate (in any condition) there in Virginia I will come down there and make it a Harriet Tubman Safe House and bring the people down to Virginia and make it work for them.

406 W 35th Street, Norfolk, Virginia 23508

 I could have procured the funds to purchase the house that was my grandmother and mothers but it did not follow through.   It came a time that they had to sell their home when my Grandmother had to move to Delaware because she had alzheimer's.  That is me (Earl W. Woodlen, Jr.) standing on the porch with my grandmother in my younger days when I used to travel to Virginia to visit her.  she lived at 406 W 35th Street, Norfolk, Virginia 23508.
I was trying to purchase the house but they wanted to take an insurance policy out on me and after consoling with my mom we decided it was not such a good idea to go that way.
I had found a loan company that was going to give me the loan but they wanted 20% interest on it because I had bad credit but I had collateral. 
The paper above shows that I tried to purchase it but I was out bid.  The person who bought the house even gave a bid higher than the listing price.

Bishop Aretha E. Morton
The 500 block of Washington St. in Wilmington, which houses Tabernacle Full Gospel Baptist Church, was renamed Bishop Aretha E. Morton Way after the longtime pastor, female pioneer, chaplain and community worker on Sunday afternoon.
Morton was the first female pastor of a Baptist church in Delaware and the first female and African-American fire department chaplain; she has been a community leader of Wilmington for generations.
Canaan Scholarship Awards for the Class of 2016

The board members voted on donating the money for the scholarships. The Board voted to give scholarships in the amount of ten thousand ($10,000) dollars which will be given to selected recipients in High School and College. 

The Canaan Baptist Church Family and higher Ground Education Committee wants to salute Dr. Alan Bullock for his work with the Board members in working to make these Scholarship Awards a reality.  Each individual who receives a scholarship is different.  It all depends on their income and their academic achievements.  The scholarship awards money was generated and given out in 2016 for these Awards to the deserving students.

Canaan Church - Facing Adversity

Your trials of yesterday are your triumphs of today, and turn your mess into a message.
The solution of racism is to confront it non-confrontational.

While facing diversity you do not have to use your fists you can stand up and say I will defeat you with my faith, I will knock you down with my faith, and I will knock you down with the power of God that’s within me.  I will shake you loose and then I will stand over top of you and say let me pick you up because you just happen to be on the wrong side of this cause.

Canaan Florida Convention - 2016
Pastor Bullock the President of the Baptist Convention sent his wife Dr. Debbie Bullock and the Community Kids to the convention to network with kids from all over the world so they could learn how to network with others.
Rev Dr Bullock's Wife and the kids from Canaan Church to the Convention
Deacon Donald J. Bowman. Sr.
Had a service for Youth at Canaan Baptist Church called Angel Tree Ministries.   Angel Tree is a Program of Prison Fellowship that reaches out to Families and Children of Inmates.

Deacon Bowman went on to be with the Lord.
Not long afterwards this plaque was dedicated to him on December 19, 2010.

Canaan Baptist Church’s Mission Statement

An urban Baptist Church which serves as a vanguard of liberation, faith and empowerment through our Christian witness.  Canaan’s mission is to do ministry for the Master through the five-fold ministries of Discipleship, Fellowship, Service, Worship, and Evangelism.

Canaan’s Core Values

Congregational Intimacy (1 Corinthians 13:13)

Salvation For The Lost (St. Joh 3:16)

Applied Christianity (James 2:14-20)

Impact the Human Condition (St. Luke 4:18-19)

Canaan breaking ground for a New Chruch

A New church is being built so we can do more ministry, souls will be saved, children will be educated, the hungry will be fed, illiterate will learn how to read, the list goes on and on, God has big plans for us.

Thomas P. Gordy – New Castle County Executive

Karen Weldin Stewart - Insurance commissioner

Rev. Dr. Christopher Alan Bullock addressed the
Canaan Graduating Class of 2016.

Dr. Bullock read from Exodus Chapter 20 Verse 12.  Honor you’re Father and your Mother that your days may be long in the land that the Lord thy God is given you.  Give honor to whom honor is due.  God gave the Frame work by which you should govern yourselves which were the 10 commands not multiple choices.  You do not choose which one to obey.

Dr. Bullock received a scholarship for basketball to the University of Alaska and received a Bachelor of Social Work Degree while there.  He believes in helping kids because that is how he came up with help from others.  That is why his church does what they do because if he can make it, they can make it with some help.

Dr. Rev Allan Bullock’s Accomplishments:

Graduated from University of Alaska

Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School

Westminster Theological Seminary

Kansas Sports Hall of Fame 

Doctorate Degree from Wilmington College

New Castle County President


The Social Mission of the Black Church, A Call to Action”, by Dr. Bullock

Pastor Bullock's Family
On the Left is Dr Bullock's Wife's Sister and
on the Right is Dr Bullock's Sister's Mother.
Dr. Alan Bullock and Deacon Earl Green
Rev. Dr. Alan Bullock blessed two Safe Houses in Wilmington, Delaware.

Pastor Bullock, left, came by 700 N. Buttonwood Street and blessed it then came to 2302 Carter Street and blessed the house and the community.
Douglas Montgomery, picture on the right, was the house man who was in charge of keeping things running smoothly.  That is him standing in from of 2302 with his walker smiling.
Anyone who would like to donate to our cause of sending people to a drug program and or a treatment program can send a check or money order to Canaan Baptist Church in care of Canaan Baptist Church.   It will be distributed between the two of us (Rev Daniels of Canaan Baptist Church and Earl Woodlen of the Harriet Tubman Safe House) who sends the individuals to treatment.

Earl is the street man who puts the cards on the windows of cars and pass out to people on the street and Rev Daniels takes them to treatment or a drug program in his van.

Canaan Baptist Church: http://www.canaanbc.org/

Rev Daniels, right, from Canaan Baptist Church came and he prayed for the Community as well.  The man, left, Pastor Bullock is talking to Rev. Daniels came with his van and took him to Treatment.

I’m making a statement I talked to a chaplain who went to his church and told him he needed a donation because he wanted to help the people in prison.  They said why do you want to help them people?  He said because all lives matter. 

We do not roll like that in Delaware we help all the people.

People places and things I believe in out of state treatment.  I believe you have to leave your environment.

Rev Daniels of Canaan Baptist Church Blessing the Cards and Condoms that
Beautiful Gate provides me with to pass out in the Community.  B
eautiful Gate is a part of Bethel AME Church under the guidance of Pastor Sylvester Beamon.
I do the outreach for the church and have over 1000 cards that I take out in the streets and make his phone ring.



Rev Daniels Blessing the Cards.mp3

This is the Community Dr. Rev. Alan Bullock came to Bless.

You can also send a donation for Treatment directly to Harriet Tubman Safe House, 914 E. 7th Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801. Make the check or money order payable to Harriet Tubman Safe House.


Dr. Bullock being greeted by President Obama

My name is Earl Wallace Woodlen, Jr. and I want to thank Dr. Bullock for coming to the state of Delaware and bringing his knowledge and wisdom with him to help the community.  What triggers me is Treatment he came and started a drug program through Rev Daniels.  Through the years we have put over three hundred (300) people in Treatment under his leadership.  We started out at 8th Street Baptist Church on 8th and Scott Streets.

When Rev Ty Johnson was involved with CTAC (Churches Take A Corner) it was Pastor Bullock who ordained him.  I started volunteering at CTAC under Rev Ty in the 8th Street Building on 34th and Market.  We were all helping to put people in Treatment.

 If pastor Bullock can do it we can do it.  He went all the way to the top to the president.

Prison Ministry at Rev. Aaron’s Moor's Church

Once a year on a Sunday at Manna Christian Fellowship Church (this year was the 16th) a chaplain comes from Howard R. Young Correctional Institution (Gander Hill) to speak on Prison Ministry.  This year it was Joe Kadke. 


Below right is a picture of Joe Biden and Rev. Moore


Bishop S. Todd Townsend Sr., PhD., EdD
His wife is Cleo Vilina Townsend, Ph.D., LMFT
He is the spokesman for the August Quarterly Event at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware.
Bishop Townsend in the picture on the left and his
Mother in first row and his wife in the white dress behind her in the picture far right.

Peter Spencer left started Mother Africa Church

Rev. Dr. Lawrence M. Livingston, Current Senior Pastor

Mother African Union Church

AKA The Motherland Nation


Earl Jr., left picture is standing next to Rev. Livingston

Mr. Garratt I want to thank you for helping my sister because without you and your contacts it could not have happened.
If you went with Harriet Tubman and wanted to turn back, you came up missing so the law wanted to talk to her about such things.  Harriet Tubman Safe House

A Friend's Dog gets buried.

Donald Sykes’ Father’s Dog passed away and I was asked to give him a burial.

Donald Sykes on the right and Bill one of the men who helped with the burial.
Mr. Sykes gave us a very big donation, we are very grateful to him for that.

These cats, on the right, came from an abandoned house nearby that was on fire and we were called and we went and rescued them right away.

I was somewhere and a guy said we help animals but not people.  I could not understand why they were like that.
I told him in Delaware we help animals, people, we help everybody.

Anyone who would like to make a donation they can sent it 914 E 7th Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801, in care of Harriet Tubman Safe House.  It would be greatly appreciated, so we can continue to rescue the poor animals who are homeless.
You can see the work we do with animals at our website under the link
Rescued Animals – Supporters Pets